What can we do?

The planning application to build 48 houses on land at Radyr Court Road was rejected by Cardiff Council’s Planning Committee on the grounds that it would result in the loss of an area of open space with visual amenity, and the access road (Radyr Court Road) is too narrow.  This decision was taken despite the recommendation to approve the application by the Council’s planning officers.

Following this refusal, the applicant (Nabatean Limited) has submitted an appeal against the decision.  The Planning Inspectorate, which manages all planning appeals, has decided that this appeal will be heard as a full inquiry.  This is the most substantial form of appeal, with witnesses being cross-examined by legal representatives of both the appellant and the council.

The deadline for written submissions regarding the appeal was 20th February, and letters supporting the council’s decision to refuse permission have been sent by The Danescourt Association, Mark Drakeford AM, Kevin Brennan MP, local councillors, and many local residents.

The inquiry will take place in City Hall, Cardiff on 21st May 2014, commencing at 10.00am.  It is expected to last two days.  It is a public event, and anyone with an interest may attend and seek permission to address the inquiry.  As the case for refusal related in large measure on the high value placed on the land by the local community, we think it vital that as many people as possible should attend the inquiry, and also seek an opportunity to state their enjoyment of the site.

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  1. my young family and i live at 30 blethin close. I do work really long hours but i am willing to help in a smaller capacity if required.we did attend the meeting in the village hall,helen who lives at tumblewood cottage told us about it originally, so i went and posted the meeting and MP contact details letter thru 40 residents doors last thursday in an attempt get people to attend get some momentum going on this.

  2. Since the opening of the Loop Bridge giving access between Hailey Park, Radyr & Danescourt more people are using the Radyr Court Road area as its become more accessible for them to do so. In fact Friends of Hailey Park have been including it in their walk events so it would be awful if it were just housing.

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