After lengthy debate, and some passionate representations, the Council’s Planning Committee voted by 7 votes to 2 in favour of rejected the planning application.  They came under considerable pressure to approve the application from Council Officers who emphasised the need for more housing in Cardiff.

But concerns over the width of Radyr Court Road and its inability to support the added traffic won the day.  There was also recognition that the Officer’s recommendation had seriously understated the amenity value of the open space to the local community.

The petitions, objection letters, lobbying and meetings, and the strong support from the whole of the local community, clearly made a strong impact on most members of the Committee.

The land, of course, remains in private ownership, with someone who wants a profit from it.  It is probable that the applicant will appeal against the decision (as happened before in 2005).  We won that round too, and the size of this proposal, combined with the fact that Radyr Court Road cannot be widened, gives us reason to be optimistic that an appeal this time around will also fail.

The strength of local opinion will still be a key factor in any appeal, so if it happens, we will be counting on the continued strong and vocal support of the local community in opposing this development.

One thought on “Success!

  1. Hi,

    My name is Tommy Yeung and I am a Geography and Planning 2nd year student at Cardiff University. I am also a local at Danescourt where the wooded area of Radyr Court Road is also dear to me as this is where I grew up, and I am especially happy to see the result.

    I am writing because I am looking to do a piece of coursework on this planning decision (evaluating and analyzing how a decision was made etc). I am having some trouble finding the materials for this decision on Cardiff Council’s website, if you can point me in the right direction that would be brilliant. Additionally I would love to hear the local’s views to put in my piece of work.

    Best Regards

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