Send your objection now!

If you have not yet submitted a written objection to the council, now is the time to do it.

We would like to encourage everyone who is unhappy with this proposed development to let the planning committee know.  The more individual objections they receive, the harder it will be for the planning department and the members of the planning committee to ignore the strength of local opinion.

The simplest way to register an objection is to send an email stating who you are and why you object.  The content of your objection and your identity will, of course, be made public, but not personal details such as your signature, phone number or email address.

Send the email to the Development Manager (just click on the link).  You can see the growing list of objections already received at the bottom of the list of documents registered with the planning application.

Or you can write to:

Development Manager
Development Management
City Development
City Hall
CF10 3ND


4 thoughts on “Send your objection now!

  1. Hi, I followed your link above to send an objection email and have received an autoreply saying that the email address does not exist. Please can you let me know the correct address to send to as I am keen to get my objection submitted.

    Thank you

  2. Yet again Cardiff city council have made a blunder, have they really thought these plans through or are they filling their pockets with developers monies.
    These plans will ruin the wildlife,effect breeding birds,introduce more pollution in to the river Taff, introduce more people who do not pick up their rubbish ( Radyr Woods rubbish has increased 100 percent since the new houses have been built )Cardiff City Council always promise to maintain the excess land the developers leave but they never do.
    Have they given thought to the river Taff flooding Radyr Court Road where will the residents of the new houses park their cars when they can not get through the water to their homes.
    The noise pollution will increase to all existing properties backing on to Radyr Court Road which will probably down value their properties. Early morning traffic is a nightmare already and will increase if the BBC sell off their site in Llantrisant Road for houses.
    People in Riversdale area will be effected by even more traffic 48 houses usually means double traffic as most people have two cars this equals to 96 extra cars, will speed humps be put in to prevent speeding?
    All in all most people do not mind change but this is going to far and the results of loosing wildlife,birds and countryside will not benefit anyone apartment from Cardiff City Council and the Developers pockets!

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