Council officers recommend building

Council officers have recommended that the Planning Committee should approve the development of 48 houses on land at Radyr Court Road.  The application is due for consideration by the Planning Committee on Wednesday 13th February.

Officers claim that the addition of four sets of stripes on the road, four signs, and street lighting along the rural single track section of the road represent ‘improvements’ and that Radyr Court Road ‘would retain its appearance resembling a quiet country lane’.

They also state that the 13-fold increase in traffic along this section of the lane, which is widely used by cyclists, walkers and school children, ‘will not compromise the safety of pedestrians, cyclists or other road users.’

You can read the recommendations in this schedule that has been prepared for the members of the Planning Committee.

This is not a decision – just a recommendation.  The members of the Planning Committee are the ones who will take the decision, which might happen on 13th February (or they might defer the decision pending a site visit).

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