Here we go again…

Just four years on, and we have another attempt to build a packed housing estate on this land.  This time, following the outcome of the last appeal, the developers are proposing to route traffic through Danescourt, with a continuation of Timothy Rees Close and De Braose Close.  The developers are seeking permission to pack 40 houses on the land.  See here for details.

This time, Cardiff Council does have an agreed Local Development Plan, and the land is clearly marked as part of the Taff Corridor.

However, the plan does state that some development could occur on such land, and the developers will seek to argue that replacing open countryside with a housing estate represents an improvement.

More details about how to express your opposition to these proposals will follow in the next week or so.

Appeal Dismissed!

The Planning Inspector has dismissed the appeal.

Whilst the Inspector found that ‘the proposed development would not harm the open space resource in the surrounding area’, she did conclude that ‘there would be some detriment to the character and appearance of Radyr Court Road but not sufficient to be decisive by itself’.

Her decision to dismiss the appeal rested on her main conclusion that ‘the proposal would have a significant detrimental impact on highway safety’.

Full details can be found here.

Written responses to appeal

The deadline for written responses to the appeal has now passed, and we’ve had a great response, with letters submitted by The Danescourt Association, Mark Drakerford AM, Kevin Brennan MP, various local councillors, and many local residents.

The appellant gets the right to respond to these, and we are expecting the responses to be made publicly available on 13th March, according to the timetable published by the Planning Inspectorate.

The inquiry will take place on 21st May in City Hall, Cardiff, commencing at 10am.  It is expected to last two days.  And at some time before then, the Planning Inspector will make a personal visit to the site.

Many thanks to all who have submitted responses to the Planning Inspector, and we hope to see as many people at the inquiry.  In the meantime, we will report any further developments on this site.

Planning Appeal submitted

We can confirm that Nabatean Limited have submitted an appeal against the decision by Cardiff Council to reject their planning application.  The appeal was submitted just days before the deadline.  Details of the appeal can be found on the Planning Inspectorate’s portal – click on this link to go straight to this case:

We will provide more information about the appeal, and how to help oppose it, as details emerge.



After lengthy debate, and some passionate representations, the Council’s Planning Committee voted by 7 votes to 2 in favour of rejected the planning application.  They came under considerable pressure to approve the application from Council Officers who emphasised the need for more housing in Cardiff.

But concerns over the width of Radyr Court Road and its inability to support the added traffic won the day.  There was also recognition that the Officer’s recommendation had seriously understated the amenity value of the open space to the local community.

The petitions, objection letters, lobbying and meetings, and the strong support from the whole of the local community, clearly made a strong impact on most members of the Committee.

The land, of course, remains in private ownership, with someone who wants a profit from it.  It is probable that the applicant will appeal against the decision (as happened before in 2005).  We won that round too, and the size of this proposal, combined with the fact that Radyr Court Road cannot be widened, gives us reason to be optimistic that an appeal this time around will also fail.

The strength of local opinion will still be a key factor in any appeal, so if it happens, we will be counting on the continued strong and vocal support of the local community in opposing this development.

Decision Time!

Following last week’s visit by the members of the Planning Committee to the site, the Committee meets again on Wednesday 13th March to reach its final decision regarding the planning application.

For those wishing to attend the meeting, it starts at 2.30pm, and we have been assured that it will be placed near the beginning of the list of items to be considered.  The meeting this time takes place, not in City Hall, but it County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, in Committee Room 3.

Planning Committee to visit site on 6th March

The Planning Committee met today, and voted in favour of visiting the site on the afternoon of 6th March before it makes its decision.  The next opportunity for the Committee to make its decision will be the meeting that takes place on Wednesday 13th March at 2.30pm.

We will only know for sure that the application will be considered at that meeting one week beforehand, when the agenda is published.

Council officers recommend building

Council officers have recommended that the Planning Committee should approve the development of 48 houses on land at Radyr Court Road.  The application is due for consideration by the Planning Committee on Wednesday 13th February.

Officers claim that the addition of four sets of stripes on the road, four signs, and street lighting along the rural single track section of the road represent ‘improvements’ and that Radyr Court Road ‘would retain its appearance resembling a quiet country lane’.

They also state that the 13-fold increase in traffic along this section of the lane, which is widely used by cyclists, walkers and school children, ‘will not compromise the safety of pedestrians, cyclists or other road users.’

You can read the recommendations in this schedule that has been prepared for the members of the Planning Committee.

This is not a decision – just a recommendation.  The members of the Planning Committee are the ones who will take the decision, which might happen on 13th February (or they might defer the decision pending a site visit).

Application scheduled for 13th February

Cardiff Council have today confirmed that the application to build 48 houses on land at Radyr Court Road will be considered at the Planning Committee meeting that takes place on Wednesday 13th February.  The meeting begins at 2.30pm in Ferrier Hall, City Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff.

The precise time when this application will be heard is not known, as there are a large number of applications to be heard at the same meeting.  We have been advised that this case will be taken ‘near the beginning of the meeting’, but it will not necessarily be the first item, and so it may take an hour or more before the case is considered.

Details of the recommendation of the council’s officers to the Committee members are due to be published, and we will provide a link and summary on this site as soon as they appear.