Memory Walk along Radyr Court Road

The Cardiff Memory Walk, to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society, took place on Sunday 16th September.  About 200 walkers took part, and the route included the narrow section of Radyr Court Road that will see a massive 800% increase in vehicular traffic should the proposed development go ahead.

Currently there are just six dwellings beyond this point, and the residents are very aware that walkers, runners, children and cyclists all have priority.  The very low levels of vehicular traffic have kept this a safe environment enjoyed by many visitors.

How can this remain a safe environment with the addition of 48 houses at the end of this narrow lane?

Send your objection now!

If you have not yet submitted a written objection to the council, now is the time to do it.

We would like to encourage everyone who is unhappy with this proposed development to let the planning committee know.  The more individual objections they receive, the harder it will be for the planning department and the members of the planning committee to ignore the strength of local opinion.

The simplest way to register an objection is to send an email stating who you are and why you object.  The content of your objection and your identity will, of course, be made public, but not personal details such as your signature, phone number or email address.

Send the email to the Development Manager (just click on the link).  You can see the growing list of objections already received at the bottom of the list of documents registered with the planning application.

Or you can write to:

Development Manager
Development Management
City Development
City Hall
CF10 3ND


Destroying wildlife habitats

To help you judge how many trees, bushes and wildlife habitats will be destroyed by this development, we’ve overlaid an approximate layout of the plot on top of a satellite photo of the land.  The applicant has claimed that this plot contains no trees or hedges.

All of the photographs in the album below were taken within the boundaries of the proposed development. Click on a thumbnail image to open up a slideshow of the photos.


No trees – really?

Here’s an extract from the planning application:

So there are no trees or hedges on or adjacent to to the proposed development site?    Take a look at the photo gallery, which is entirely composed of pictures of the site itself or land adjacent to the site.  No prizes for the first person to spot a tree or hedge!

Has the applicant ever visited the site?

Déjà Vu?

Haven’t we been here before?

Yes – in August 2004 the Welsh Development Agency (WDA) owned the two paddocks that form about half of the land that is the subject of the current application.  The WDA applied for permission to build five houses on the site.  The application (ref. 04/02044/W) was dismissed by Cardiff Council on 16th December 2004.  The WDA appealed against this decision, and the appeal was heard by an Inspector appointed by the National Assembly for Wales on 13th December 2005.

In considering an application that is about one tenth the size of this new application, the Inspector dismissed the appeal, concluding that:

“It is evident that the area of open space, within which the site lies, is valued by local residents because it is an easily accessible area that has retained, to a significant extent, a rural character, and which also contributes to the enjoyment of recreational users who appreciate its role as part of a larger area of open space….further development would erode the present balance between the natural environment and the built form.”

Regarding Radyr Court Road, his report states that:

“the extent of improvements to the highway that I consider to be necessary would markedly alter its appearance, which currently resembles a quiet country lane, particularly along the section closest to the appeal site.  This urbanising effect reinforces my findings that the project would harm the area’s character.” 

Click here to read the full text of the Appeal Decision published on 6th January 2006. If he said this of an application to build 5 houses, one wonders what he would say about an application to build 48!

These facts strenghten our case, but we must continue to demonstrate that the local community still highly values this local space.  Please sign the petition.

Tell your local councillor what you think

Kirsty Davies is one of the two local councillors for Llandaff.  Click here to send an email, or write to Kirsty at Cardiff Council, County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff, CF10 4UW.  Kirsty lives in Radyr Court Rise, and so is directly affected by the proposal.  We are grateful to her for the support she is giving to this campaign.

Our other councillor is Gareth Aubrey.  As he is on the Planning Committee, it is best to keep direct correspondence with Kirsty so that Gareth can use his judgment when it comes to a vote, without being ruled ineligible to vote due to having too much interest in our cause.

You can also speak to Kirsty and Gareth in person at one of their regular surgeries:

2nd Saturday of every month, from 12.30pm til 1.30pm, at Llandaff Parish Hall
4th Saturday of every month, from 12.00 noon til 1.00pm, at St Johns Hall, Danescourt